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Bright, airy, and welcoming, Nisos is meant to serve as a respite from daily life. The restaurant is a verdant oasis in the heart of the West Loop, where the team employs a European approach to hospitality, making guests feel welcome and relaxed.

Brad Parker, founder, and CEO of Parker Hospitality traveled to Mykonos five years ago for a deep dive into the culture, the history, and the food that inhabits the various elements of the Mediterranean. It was here he first experienced the culinary skills of our new Chef Partner Avgeria Stapaki while she was Executive Chef and Partner at Principote Mykonos.

Their passions intertwined were feeling, smelling, remembering, traveling, observing, listening, and experimenting at the core. One may say, their collective passion was always there, it was just waiting to be discovered together.

Chef Avgeria and Brad continued to build a relationship over the years leading to her ultimate move to Chicago. Bringing to life our new Mediterranean concept, Nisos.

While Chef Avgeria is rooted in Greek traditions, Nisos is inspired by Mediterranean flavors. Her food will reflect a blend of the areas and a true representation of the fresh, seasonal cooking and locally sourced ingredients. A coastal pantry that will incorporate a variety of textures and elements of nature: land, sea, and air.

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a plate of food and a glass of wine